Conference Program | 日程安排


AAME-Conference Program.pdf 

Program Outline | 日程概览
Day 1: 24th of February 2023 
Time/时间  Activity/议程 Venue(地点)/ ZOOM ID(线上会议号)
14:00-17:00  Sign-in and Conference Kits Collection
Yuyuan Hotel Lobby
14:00-17:30  Online Test Speakers & Session 2, 3, 4, 5
815 2271 4060
874 9200 3865
Day 2: 25th of February 2023 
Onsite Venue: Yuyuan Hall
ZOOM ID: 815 2271 4060  
Hosted by Prof. Yan Wang, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
9:00-9:05  Opening Remark by Prof. Jianhong Sun, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China
9:05-9:10  Welcome Address by Prof. John Mo, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
澳大利亚皇家墨尔本大学-John Mo教授致欢迎辞(Video)  
9:10-9:15   Group Photo/集体照 
9:15-10:00  Keynote Speaker 1
Prof. Yuehong Qian, Soochow University, China | 钱跃竑教授,苏州大学
Title: LBM as an Alternative Approach to CFD and Applications  
10:00-10:30  Tea Break/茶歇 
10:30-11:15  Keynote Speaker 2
Prof. Lixi Huang, The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China | 黃立錫教授,香港大学
Title: Towards "divide and conquer" for combustion instability: conversion of low-frequency instability wave to high-frequency radiation 
11:15-12:00  Keynote Speaker 3
Assoc. Prof. Kheng Lim Goh, Newcastle University in Singapore, Singapore
Title: Materials Design & Sustainability  
12:00-14:00  Lunch Time/午餐
Venue/地点: V5 & V6(1F) 
14:00-15:15  Onsite session 1- Hydrodynamics Modeling and Analysis
17:00-19:00   Dinner 
Day 3: 26th of February 2023 
815 2271 4060  
874 9200 3865  
9:30-11:30  Online Session 2 - Aerodynamics and Mechanical Model
Online Session 3 - Dynamic Principle and Equipment Design in Mechatronics
Invited Speech & Online Sessions/特邀报告及线上报告 
Invited Speech Hosted by KHOO Boo Cheong, National University of Singapore, Singapore
ZOOM ID: 815 2271 4060 /
13:30-13:55  Invited Speaker 1
Prof. Osman Adiguzelg, Firat University, Turkey
Title: Structural Changes and Lattice Reactions for Thermoelastic and Superelastic Behavior of Shape Memory Alloys  
13:55-14:20  Invited Speaker 2
Prof. Yaser Abdulaziz Hadi, Yanbu Industrial College, Saudi Arabia
Title: Friction Stir Welding Heat Energy and Force Modeling  
14:20-14:45  Invited Speaker 3
Prof. Tsair-Wang CHUNG, Chung Yuan Christian University
Title: Optimization of the Extraction System of Total Phenolic from Garcia mangostana using Response Surface Methodology  
815 2271 4060  
874 9200 3865  
15:00-17:00  Online Session 4 - Intelligent Manufacturing System and Process Optimization
Online Session 5 - Material Properties and Mechanical Analysis
Oral Presentation | 口头报告

As an oral presenter, you can deliver your presentation live to an audience effectively and engage in fruitful discussions with the audience.

Things to do before presentation at a conference to prevent technical delays/issues
  • Ensure that you are available at least 30 minutes before the session starts on the day of the conference.
  • All presentations must run on Windows operating system – the Laptop and the Presentations MUST be submitted to the conference computer 15 minutes in advance to ensure that the sessions run according to schedule without any delays.
Poster Presentation | 海报展示

As a poster presenter you can deliver your presentation effectively to an audience in the form of a poster.

There is no formal oral presentation in a poster session, instead each author is assigned a display area on which diagrams, graphics, data, pictures/photos, and a small amount of text are presented.

The poster should be self-explanatory, but the author should be available at certain times, such as refreshment breaks and during the time devoted to poster session, to interact with viewers and answer questions.